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Directed by Hugh Macdonald, This is New Zealand was made to promote the country at Expo '70 in Osaka, Japan. An ambitious concept saw iconic NZ imagery — panoramas, nature, Māori culture, sport, industry — projected on three adjacent screens that together comprised one giant widescreen. A rousing orchestral score (Sibelius's Karelia Suite) backed the images. Two million people saw it in Osaka, and over 350,000 New Zealanders saw on its homecoming theatrical release. It was remastered by Park Road Post in 2007. This excerpt is the first three minutes of the film.

Credits (13)

 Hugh Macdonald
 Ron Bowie
 David H Fowler

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I just realised the DVD was available........ now to find the $$$ to buy a copy! I saw this in the now-demolished Embassy theatre in Auckland.

 Dawn Taylor

Dawn Taylor

My mum worked on this film at The National Film Unit in Miramar. It was all terribly exciting at the time. I think they had a viewing for staff and family (although I might be wrong about that because I was only a child) when the film came out. I do remember the film gave me goosebumps when I saw it and it still has that affect on me when I see it now. I am going to buy a copy of the dvd so I can watch it when I get homesick as I now live in London. It is definitely one of the best marketing films I have ever seen for my lovely homeland!

 Susan Doody

Susan Doody

Yes - I saw this at the Embassy in Wellington in the early 70s also. Remember being impressed then, and still feel the same.



Brilliant -leave it as is.



time for another remastering (4K ?) and high definition release !

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