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Vietnam veteran Frank Metcalfe revisits the country he served in 35 years before as a young officer, and recollects war stories, including an incident of friendly fire. This time accompanied by his son, soldier-turned-producer Matthew Metcalfe, he is gladdened by how vibrant Vietnam has become. "I look at this place, and I can't help but think what on earth were we doing." Father and son are saddened no memorial exists for Kiwis who fought in Vietnam. In 2008 the Government formally acknowledged the Vietnam service of NZ forces personnel.

Credits (5)

 John Keir
 Matthew Metcalfe
 Andy Morton

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 Kevin Gaskell

Kevin Gaskell

It was shameful that the NZ Government and indeed the NZ Education System in the 70's and 80's disrespected the 4000 New Zealanders who participated in the Vietnam War, by sweeping it all under the carpet. Disgraceful. Then ignoring the Agent Orange situation. Equally disgraceful and shameful. 2008 - 40 years after the fact to confront this and "apologize" TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. What our Vietnam Veterans had to put up with in 40 years was UNACCEPTABLE.

 Sarah Harpur

Sarah Harpur

Hello, as far as I can see this title is not available for sale. I would suggest contacting the producers of this title for more information, they may be able to point you in the right direction:


 Ramona Radford

Ramona Radford

Please advise where I can purchase a copy of this film? And can you tell me if the producer is doing a followup to this?

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