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The magpie quardle oodled and the narrator uttered, "Welcome to Woolly Valley", in the intro to this children's TV classic. The low-tech puppet show with its rustic charm was familiar to a generation of kids who grew up in the 80s. It follows the lives of woolly-haired farmer Wally and his long-suffering wife Beattie, who live with talking ewe Eunice. Also featured is hippie Tussock, voiced by Russell (Count Homogenized) Smith. Woolly Valley marked an early piece of screenwriting by children's writer Margaret Mahy. This compilation is the entire first series.

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 nicki anderson

nicki anderson

This was my favourite when i was a child, and have thought of this series often for many years. My daughter (3 years old) just watched with me and thought it was "awesome mum". Would be great to see this old favourite bought back to this generation of kids. I just love the detail even now in the wee house and all the surroundings. I'm so happy i finally found it. its just brilliant.

 glenn mavor

glenn mavor

Just beautiful to see wally and his mates again, just makes me happy to see again.thank you so much

 andy Jackson

andy Jackson

loved this programme. i work with a guy who looks like wally,excellent!

 Geoff Partridge

Geoff Partridge

Oh the memories watching this. An epic time in NZ. Thanks NZ Onscreen for putting this up, made my day.

 Heidi Whittaker

Heidi Whittaker

Tussock is the best! Loved this program so much. Thanks NZ on screen :D

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Welcome to Woolly Valley!