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Five Decades of NZ Number One Hits

Jump between the decades for 50 years of Kiwi music ... counting the beat from 60s ballads to turn of the century hip hop.

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2016's Most Viewed

NZ On Screen's Collection of most viewed clips for 2016 includes classic adverts, musical interludes, and legendary talents lost to us over the year — from Martin Crowe to Ray Columbus, actor Sophia Hawthorne, and David Bowie.

Curated by Kathryn Quirk 12 Items

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The Car Collection

Car races, demolition derbies and a famous yellow mini ...The Car Collection is loaded with vehicles of every make and vintage, plus appearances by Bruce McLaren, Scott Dixon, Bruno Lawrence, and two clever canines.

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Turning Up the Volume

Press play on NZ On Screen's biggest collection yet. From hip hop to Howard Morrison, explore Kiwi pop through songs, documentaries and in-depth playlists.

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National Film Unit Collection

This collection celebrates government filmmaking body the National Film Unit. Culled from more than 370 NFU films on NZ On Screen, these 30 highlights cover everything from wartime newsreels and glimpses into Kiwi culture, to Oscar-nominated images of Antarctica and the Southern Alps.

Curated by Clive Sowry 30 Items

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The Top 10 NZ Television Ads

Great adverts are mini works of magic. This collection of classic adverts from the last 40 years includes dogs on skateboards, choc bar robberies, ghost chips and famous authors driving erratically.

Curated by NZ On Screen team 10 Items

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NZ Disasters

Spanning more than 150 years, this collection tells stories of drama, caution, hope and recovery — from the 1863 wreck of the Orpheus at Manukau Heads, to Tarawera, the Wahine, Erebus, Pike River and Christchurch.

Curated by NZ On Screen team 28 Items

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The Temuera Morrison Collection

From Rangi's Catch to Once Were Warriors: a collection celebrating the career of actor Temuera Morrison.

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NZ On Screen's Top 10 for 2015

The most watched titles on NZ On Screen in 2015.

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Ultimate NZ Party Playlist

From Split Enz to Savage, this is NZ On Screen's playlist of Kiwi party songs.

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The Animation Collection

From talking chickens to dancing Cossacks, feast on this collection of Kiwi animation - from early stop motion shenanigans to Bride of Frankenstein.

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This collection celebrates rugby in New Zealand as it's been seen onscreen: from classic bios and tour docos, to social history, dramas and protest.

Curated by the NZ On Screen team 52 Items

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Top 40 NZ TV Classics

This Kiwi TV collection brings together 40 local TV series that have become classics.

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Wellington has been New Zealand’s capital city since 1865. Here are 50 reasons to love Wellington, from Flight of the Conchords to Carmen, from Close to Home to car chases on Courtenay Place.

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The Matariki Collection

A selection of iconic Māori TV, film and music video for Matariki. Check out everything from haka to hip hop, Billy T to the birth of Māori Television.

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Top 10 NZ Comedy Series

The NZ On Screen team stick their necks out to pick 10 classic NZ comedy series — from A Week of It and Billy T, to Eating Media Lunch and 7 Days.

Curated by NZ On Screen team 10 Items



The Dunedin Collection showcases a city edged by ocean, and famed for creativity. Check out the city of scarfies, Pink Frost, and oversized albatross.

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The Waitangi Collection

The Waitangi collection spans everything from Mike King on the treaty trail, to waka-building, epic drama, and award-winning doco The New Zealand Wars.

Curated by NZ On Screen team 11 Items



This collection celebrates Auckland onscreen. Reel through the moods and the multicultural, metro, muggy charms of New Zealand’s largest city.

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This collection brings together classic TV and film moments for the Christmas season: from broadcasting icons (Goodnight Kiwi, Thingee), to barbies and beer.

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TV3 Turns 25

November 2014 marked 25 years since TV3 began broadcasting. This 25th birthday collection looks back at notable shows from the channel's first quarter century.

Curated by the NZ On Screen team 21 Items

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Our representatives in Parliament have had some of their most memorable moments captured on camera. This collection showcases our politicians' screen legacy.

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The Most Legendary NZ TV Moments

Where were you when Thingee's eye popped out? This collection showcases the top 10 titles from our previous two Legendary Moments collections.

Curated by NZ On Screen team 10 Items

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NZ Music Month

This NZ Music Month collection showcases NZ music television, spun from a playlist of classic docos and beloved music shows.

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