Director Juliette Veber's debut feature length documentary Trouble is My Business premiered to acclaim in the 2008 New Zealand International Film Festival. She had already established herself in the film industry as a producer, working closely with director Harry Sinclair on The Price of Milk and Toy Love

I love the idea of capturing an aspect of life that others may never have the opportunity to be a part of, and then giving audiences the opportunity to enter that world for 85 minutes. interview with Juliette Veber on TBI website

Trouble Is My Business

2008, Producer, Director, Camera - Film

Juliette Veber's observational documentary tells the story of Gary Peach, a teacher in charge of discipline at South Auckland's Aorere College. "Peachy" has unorthodox methods (a loud hailer to wrangle truants) but his genuine commitment to the mainly Māori and Pacific Island kids is provoking and affecting. Filmed over six months on the trail of Peach's beat, the film received applause at 2008 NZ Film Festival screenings and made many annual 'best of' lists. The NZ Herald called it a: "very moving report from education's frontline ... a compelling watch".


Toy Love

2002, Producer - Film

The third feature from writer/director Harry Sinclair (The Price of Milk, Topless Women ...) is a fleet footed anti-romance about sex and infidelity. Love is a game for Ben (Dean O’Gorman), who cheats on girlfriend Emily with ease — until he falls head over heels with unpredictable vixen Chlo (Kate Elliott). When Emily confesses that she too has cheated, Ben self-righteously dumps her and runs to Chlo. But Chlo has a rule: she won’t date available men. To win her love, Ben must be unavailable. This excerpt features much bed hopping and 20-something mat-ters.


The Price of Milk

2000, Assoc Producer - Film

Lucinda lives a fairytale life with dairy farmer Rob and his 117 cows. Driving to town one day, she hits an old Māori woman who runs off, unharmed. Some time later, Lucinda decides to test Rob's love for her by trying to make him angry. He passes her tests until a quilt goes missing from their bed. Lucinda spots this on the bed of the old woman she nearly ran over and desperate to get it back, she makes a bargain with her. But the price is high. The Moscow Symphony Orchestra is the soundtrack to director Harry Sinclair's second feature.