Chinese New Zealander Roseanne Liang first she made a splash with documentay Banana in a Nutshell,  based on her own cross-cultural romance with a European Kiwi. The film won multiple awards, and Liang was named SPADA New Filmmaker of 2005. She also turned her experiences into big screen rom-com My Wedding and Other Secrets. Liang went on to direct web series Flat3 and two high profile shorts: Berlin Film Festival winner Take 3, and Sundance-nominated action tale Do No Harm. The later saw Liang tipped as a director to watch by The Hollywood Reporter, and female film industry group The Alice Initiative.

Probably the most difficult thing was separating the documentary from the film. Even though the documentary forms the backbone of the film, you really have to find out what makes fiction work. Roseanne Liang, on making a movie out of her documentary Banana in a Nutshell
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Do No Harm

2017, Director, Writer, Executive Producer - Short Film

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Loading Docs 2017 - Asian Men Talk About Sex

2017, Directing Supervisor - Web

Talking to your father about his sex life is possibly the most awkward conversation anyone could have. Director Chye-Ling Huang took on this eye-opening task while interviewing eight Asian men about sex, for this Loading Doc short documentary. Huang aims to challenge negative stereotypes of Asian males. Comedian/writer James Roque explains: "All the stereotypes that I encounter as an Asian guy are things like that I’m sexually or romantically inept, or that I’m like a nerd." Actor Yosan An, future star of Niki Caro's live action version of Mulan, is among those featured.


Friday Night Bites

2016 - 2018, Director, Writer, Editor - Web



2015, Writer, Editor - Short Film

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Sugar Hit

2015, Director, Writer, Editor - Web

A trio of mysteriously bloody and bruised women order tea in a cafe in Auckland's St Kevin's Arcade. The sugar debate gets a K Road twist as they talk boobs, revenge porn, and wonder if the sugar bowl has drugs hidden in it (riffing off a local urban legend). A trip to the toilet before last orders sees the cafe transforming into a dance floor, providing a groovy testimonial to the imaginative powers of the sugar hit. This edition of the series of short films exploring life on K’ Rd was directed by Roseanne Liang (My Wedding and Other Secrets), and stars the actors from her web series Flat3.

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Rooster Rooster Dragon Rat - Oscar's Guide to the Chinese Zodiac

2013, Subject - Television

Comedian (and rooster) Oscar Kightley fronts this 2013 beginner’s guide to the Chinese zodiac. His mission: to explore the 12 oriental star signs. As the Kiwi population heads towards one in six being of Asian origin, Kightley surveys a cavalcade of contemporary Kiwi personalities for their views on stargazing, from his Harry co-star Sam Neill to lawyer Mai Chen. This excerpt is a potted history of the oriental zodiac, aided by animation; then it's enter the dragon. Made for TV3’s Inside New Zealand documentary strand it was directed by bro’Town creator Elizabeth Mitchell.

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2013 - 2014, Director, Writer, Co-Producer - Web


Save Seven

2012, As: Friend - Web


My Wedding and Other Secrets

2011, Writer, Director - Film

Aucklander Emily Chu (award-winner Michelle Ang) is a young ‘banana’ (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) hoping to conceal a cross-cultural tryst from her prudish Chinese parents in this romantic dramedy. Director Roseanne Liang’s feature debut draws on her autobiographical ‘video diary’ Banana in a Nutshell, which screened at the 2005 International Film Festival. In the audience was producer John Barnett, who immediately offered to fund an adaptation. On its March 2010 release My Wedding gained several five star reviews and strong box office.


A Thousand Apologies

2008, Director, Writer - Television


Take 3

2007, Director, Writer, Editor - Short Film

Ingeniously unfolding three tales in unison, Take 3 follows a trio of young asian-Kiwi actors on one horrifying day of auditions. Director Roseanne Liang (My Wedding and Other Secrets) mines comedy from the competitive, cookie-cutter world of casting, while questioning the way minority actors are asked to perpetuate old-fashioned stereotypes. The stars are My Wedding lead Michelle Ang, Katlyn Wong (comedy A Thousand Apologies), and Li Ming Hu (Shortland Street doctor Li Mei Chen). Take 3 won special mention in the Generation 14plus section at Berlin film fest.

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Banana in a Nutshell

2005, Director, Writer, Producer, Editor - Film


Rest Stop

2005, Director - Short Film

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Secret Agent Men

2003 - 2004, Assistant Editor - Television

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Being Eve - Being Upstaged

2002, Assistant Editor - Television

Being Eve was a popular and self-aware comedy-drama for teens. It launched the career of actor Fleur Saville, who played 15-year-old amateur teen anthropologist Eve. This excerpt from episode 22 of the second series sees angst and ambition collide, as Eve dreams of Hollywood success via a school Shakespeare production. Shakespeare himself makes a cameo (as Eve's muse), while she struggles with her original vision for the classic. But will she be upstaged by Sam? The series won best drama at the 2005 NZ Screen Awards, and fostered young directing and producing talent.



2001, Director, Writer - Short Film