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Roseanne Liang

Director, Writer

Chinese-Kiwi Roseanne Liang first made a splash in 2005 with Banana in a Nutshell, which chronicled her romance with a European Kiwi. Later she turned her experiences into acclaimed movie My Wedding and Other Secrets. After making five seasons of web series Flat3/Friday Night Bites, Liang directed high profile  short Do No Harm, award-winning TV series Creamerie and monster on a plane movie Shadow in the Cloud.

It takes a person outside of culture to really see it for what it is, and I get the best of both worlds. I get to take from everything and then maybe mush it together in a way that has never been seen before... Roseanne, on how being a Chinese-New Zealander is a blessing, in her interview for 2019 TV series Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedyew