Diana Rowan

Casting Director, Director

If the measure of success for a casting director is the subsequent success of the actors they pluck from the crowd, then Diana Rowan has certainly done time at the top of her field. She is the casting director who helped Anna Paquin, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Kerry Fox and Lucy Lawless on their way to international careers, while developing her own talents as a writer and director of short films.

In a way, she is a sort of fortune-teller... although she always takes care to tell those auditioning that the process is akin to buying a lotto ticket, she saw in an 11-year-old girl with no acting aspirations, something that would lead her to that walk up the red carpet. Writer Michele Hewitson, describing Diana Rowan in a 5 March 2004 NZ Herald interview

Rocked the Nation

2008 - 2011, Subject - Television

No. 2

2006, Casting Director - Film

Perfect Creature

2006, Casting Director - Film

River Queen

2005, Casting Director - Film

The World's Fastest Indian

2005, Casting Director - Film

In My Father's Den

2004, Casting Director - Film

The Little Things

2004, Casting Director - Short Film

Behind the Scenes of Whale Rider

2003, Subject - Television

Whale Rider

2002, Casting Director - Film


2001, Casting - Film

Cover Story

1995 - 1996, Casting Director - Television

The Last Tattoo

1994, Casting Director - Film

Deepwater Haven - First Episode

1993, Casting Director - Television

Desperate Remedies

1993, Casting Director - Film

The Piano

1993, Casting Director - Film

Absent Without Leave

1992, Casting Director - Film


1992, Casting Director - Film

The Wall

1992, Director, Writer - Short Film

The End of the Golden Weather

1991, Casting Director - Film


1991, Casting Director - Television

An Angel at My Table

1990, Casting Director - Film

Ruby and Rata

1990, Casting Director - Film

Ruia Taitea: The World is Where We Are

1990, Casting Director - Film

Shark in the Park - Diversions (Series Two, Episode Four)

1990, Casting - Television

Shark in the Park - Prospects (Series Two, Episode One)

1990, Casting - Television

User Friendly

1990, Casting Director - Film

Shark in the Park

1988 - 1991, Casting Director - Television

The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey

1988, Casting Director - Film


1987, Casting Director - Television

Stalin's Sickle

1986, Casting Director - Short Film

Cuckoo Land

1985, Casting Director - Television


1985, Casting Director - Film

The Silent One

1984, Casting Director - Film


1984, Casting Director - Film


1983, Casting Director - Film

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

1983, NZ Casting - Film


1983, Casting Director - Film


1982, As: Charlene - Film

One of those Blighters

1982, Casting, Production Manager - Television

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

1980, As: Vivien Thomas - Film

Mortimer's Patch

1982, Actor - Television


1984, Director, Writer - Television