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Pua Magasiva


Pua Magasiva — brother of actor Robbie and director Miki — played nurse Vinnie Kruse on Shortland Street. After a brief role on Shortland Street in 1999, Pua got a starring role in the Haka and Siva episode of 2001 anthology series Aroha, as a young Samoan man romancing a Māori woman twice his age. He went on to play the title character in hit movie Sione's Wedding and its sequel, in-between extended Shortland shifts as extroverted fan favourite Vinnie. He also won fans for his work on the Power Rangers franchise. Locally he spent time as a co-presenter on Pasifika youth show Fresh. Pua Magasiva died in May 2019.

All of the lead characters are exemplary, with Pua Magasiva’s Wolf stealing the show with comical expressions, ‘ridiculosity’ and downright idiocy. Sharu Delilkan, reviewing play Polly Hood in Mumuland - Theatre Scene blog, 17 April 2011