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Hero image for Through the Lens - The First 10 Years of Māori Television

Through the Lens - The First 10 Years of Māori Television

Television (Full Length) – 2014

Māori Television's coverage gave viewers, here and overseas, a unique window into the Māori world.
– From the narration, on the coverage of the tangi of the Māori Queen
They supported me and Ainsley [Gardiner] and Cliff [Curtis] right from the beginning … they were partners in the film.
– Taika Waititi on Māori Television's support for hit movie Boy
I look back at Anzac Day 2006 with very very fond memories, as the most significant thing that I've been a part of ... I had people ring me and abuse me that day because they were still in their pyjamas at 2 o'clock!
– Former Māori TV Head of Programming Larry Parr
There was just this sea of people, and I remember thinking, far [out] this is awesome, in Newmarket you know? All these Pākehās be sitting there freaking out. I just thought: we belong, we're here, we should stay. This is really putting a stake in the ground.
– Julian Wilcox reflects on the launch of Māori Television
Kapa haka on Māori Television is our point of difference.
– Māori TV presenter Matai Smith
There was no doubt that those images ... the views expressed ... were responsible for pulling Māoridom together in a way it had never done before.
– Former Māori TV presenter and boardmember Waihoroi Shortland, on the channel's coverage of the 2004 hikoi
MTS has been able to nab sports that not only Māori are interested in, but sports that we’ve got a huge number of Māori playing in. And Māori TV’s coverage was so good that Sky knew they had to get the rights back.
– Sports broadcaster Melodie Robinson