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Boy Film (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras) – 2010 Drama Māori Comedy


Film (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras) – 2010 Drama Māori Comedy

M Mature
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Just watched it here:!/browse/film/5/boy


James 28 Dec 2014 - 11.46am

One of my all time best movies to watch, funny but subtly tragic, great casting, Rocky should have got an Oscar! Should have showcased the East Coast more in the movie, beautiful place. More please from Waititi!

D S Parnell

D S Parnell 14 Aug 2014 - 09.39pm

Cool maori flim


dingdong 30 Apr 2013 - 03.50pm

HUE HUE HUE HUE dis movie crack me up bo!

HUE hue

HUE hue 11 Mar 2013 - 03.04pm

Is there anywhere online that the movie is available for purchase and download?


Sarah 13 Oct 2011 - 11.21am

boy is pretty funny but not that funny who's seen friday ...


nikohefa 1 Oct 2011 - 07.45pm

hahaha realy funny gee heyy shardinaye


nikohefa 1 Oct 2011 - 07.43pm

haha this movie is funny;

cracks me up everytime I watch it :L

Ikey Miringaorangi

Ikey Miringaorangi 27 Oct 2010 - 02.37pm

Hey I am a British visitor to New Zealand and I bought this DVD in Devonport supermarket. In the UK I live in Devonport so had to.
I LOVED LOVED LOVED this movie. It is genius, touching funny, beautiful. i was just snotted up crying by the end. Us Brits crammed like sardines in our land would love to live in a place like that. The children were adorable and so was the acceptance of eccentricities. Maoris Rock!


jean 9 Oct 2010 - 10.37pm

Venus - The last thing I would want is for this film to be taken to the world stage. People already think Māori are women beating, alcoholic criminals, you only have to look at New Zealand film history to see that. What exactly is different about 'Boy'? Does it have alcohol? check, Does it have crime? check? Does it have violence? check, does it have drugs? check? Where is tikanga Māori? Where the heck is our reo??

Te Whare

Te Whare 21 Sep 2010 - 10.26pm

love boy the best movie ever


hayley 17 Sep 2010 - 11.20am

hahaaa watt a krakk upp


tayla 23 Jun 2010 - 11.05am

woo this movie looks great id rather watch this than go to school crazy horses pfffft


sam 22 Jun 2010 - 02.49pm

Kia Ora Te Whare, my first reaction was similar to your comments.
Taking a longer and slower look, I found the meaning in "a painful comedy of growing up".

What astounds me more, is that from all our painful growings, a film such as this can take Maori to the rest of the world. And also bring the rest of the world to Maori.

Its a win win dont you think ? Eventually it is.

Venus Yerkovich

Venus Yerkovich 29 May 2010 - 12.18am

Is this all Māori are reduced to in the eyes of the world? Drunken, weed smoking bums? A few laughs? Look closely whānau, this film continues the negative portrayal of Māori in film. When are we going to see beauty of our pūrākau, we have stories upon stories which encompass all that Māori are. We are more than what Taika has shown the world.

E ngā iwi o te motu, me titiro tātau ki muri hei ārahi tātau ki mua

Look to the past to guide us into the future

Te Whare

Te Whare 15 May 2010 - 10.09pm

This has just come out in NZ cinemas (march 2010) and will be released in other countries soon - not sure when exactly, but check out for more info.

Maybe it'll be on iTunes to download soon too!

20 Apr 2010 - 02.20pm

Crazy Horses Gang - Should be a TV Show, that is very very funny, hope you fullas look into it....Chur

TeTauru Pihama

TeTauru Pihama 20 Apr 2010 - 02.15pm

Where can I download this, I am quite happy to pay, hook a brother up... Love Taika Waititi movies.....Shot Bro!

TeTauru Pihama

TeTauru Pihama 20 Apr 2010 - 02.13pm

Awesome film and great lead character. Boy, which in my hometown is what every young fulla gets called, it is a film that deserves the amount of press and attention Whale Rider had!

Aaron Kirk

Aaron Kirk 9 Apr 2010 - 12.28pm

fabulous film, loved it:) well done to the director/producer and the talanted actors. fantastic


renee 7 Apr 2010 - 10.16pm

This is the funniest movie I have ever seen. I absolutely loved it.
It soo reeminded me of my childhood,and of the fond memories of Michael that I'm sure all us kids of the "80"s share.Hilarious yet ever so touching, I laughed,cryed......every emotion was stirred.
Tumeke Taika. Brilliant work.

Ana Vailable

Ana Vailable 27 Mar 2010 - 10.20pm

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