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Hero image for K' Road Stories - Broke

K' Road Stories - Broke

Web (Full Length) – 2015

I was completely broke living on K road (making music videos wasn’t really filling my pockets) and I did get punched in the face by an alcoholic (while filming a stop-motion robot).
– Director James Solomon on the film's inspiration
As we started I had a sudden thought that our staged fight looked really real and I might need to run over if anyone else tried to get involved. I looked around for trouble and realised that the rough bars were closed and in the process of being renovated and that the clusters of P-heads and alchies I remembered were nowhere to be seen. Change comes when you are not looking I guess.
– Director James Solomon on the changing face of K' Road the time we had completed the project, K Road had started to change very rapidly. I think we have really recorded a special place and time just before significant change.
– James Solomon, in an interview with website Neck of the Woods, 12 March 2016