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Carry Me Back

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1982

Parental Guidance
... don’t you ever bloody listen? The law says he can’t be buried on the farm unless he actually died there. So until we get him home Jimmy, he’s got to be alive and kicking.
– Arthur (Grant Tilly) to his brother (Kelly Johnson)
... it's shot through with local colour. The horseplay and the mateship of the country boys going to town for a Ranfurly Shield match are absolutely dinkum.
– Peter Harcourt, Sequence, 1982
... the sense of humour is basically very Kiwi and there are a number of good running gags of which Blake Edwards would not be ashamed (including the fact that just about every authority figure in the film turns out to be a foreigner).
– Film reviewer David Stratton