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Hero image for C'mon - Series One (Episode)

C'mon - Series One (Episode)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1967

Rod Ruscoe
Rod Ruscoe
26 Nov 2013 - 08.00am
Nathan Unknown
27 Apr 2013 - 11.33pm
It's such a shame the NZBC never bothered to keep more. We now have to rely on Australian shows to see classic Kiwi performers of the day. Hell, australia even still has most of their opening night of television still existing.
Alister Mcfarlane
Alister Mcfarlane
13 Mar 2013 - 09.22pm
It is good to know that this show was presented live. videoptape recording on 2 inch wide tape was in its infancy. The patterns used in design and special effects were from moire patterns. I made large positive-film copies.Tony Stones (now the world famous Anthony Stones Sculptor) had them projected on to the flats and risers etc for copy/painting.
The film was joined in lengths of 5-6 films, wound up on a meccano spool frame and put behind a surface silvered quad mirror. That was fixed in front of a very wide angle lens and the results keyed over the actors etc. Jan wharekawa played a big part in getting the effects to air, as vision switcher.
peter grattan
18 Dec 2011 - 10.57pm
Ahh, memories! Will be celebrating Mr Lee's 67th in London with him next April, but in '67 I was 15 and had left school to work for Harry M Miller who promoted the best international pop shows. Radio Hauraki had just started, and as teens, this was all we had to look forward to on TV. Congratulations to Kevan Moore and his team, great days!
Morrissey Breen
Morrissey Breen
26 Aug 2011 - 10.47pm
First-rate. Yes, it's all cover versions, but the musicianship, singing and the sets are not only charming---they are right on, and the pace of the show is exemplary. No time is wasted, no superfluous talk---and Pete Sinclair is the perfect host.

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