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Hero image for Hunting Aotearoa - Series Five, Episode Six

Hunting Aotearoa - Series Five, Episode Six

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2009

Adults only
I don’t always have to kill something. I get as much of a kick out of videoing and photographing animals … the whole stalking and sneaking up onto an animal … you don’t necessarily have to shoot every animal that you see … I get as much of a buzz out of that.
– Sam Rust
Hunters need to realise we need to meet in the middle to get a balance of healthy forest with some good stags … and some good deer, some good venison to take home to the whānau. […] Everybody’s a winner!
– DoC ranger Eddie Te Kahika on the need for culling
They tell me you’re going to hop in the river in your g-string camouflage underpants?
– Howie to Sam
She might want to join us on the hunt … as long as you realise it’s not rutting season.
– Howie, on the possibility that Spencer’s partner Sam will join them
I’ve got a few records: loudest fart in a presbyterian church in the North Island.
– Helicopter pilot Spencer Putwain