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Hero image for Interrogation - First Episode

Interrogation - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2005

Siberian racing sardine? Where'd that come from?
– Detective Constable Terry Skinner ( Scott Wills) is impressed by a colleague's code for SAS
You might wanna go easy on Dean — he just dived into a lagoon full of poo to save the offender.
– Constable Awhina James (Miriam McDowell) keeps Detective Sergeant Angela Darley (Luanne Gordon) in the loop
This is the first time that a drama in this country has used the Sony HD handicams. With handicams you get a huge amount of flexibility and freedom because they can go anywhere.
– Interrogation cinematographer Simon Raby in The Dominion Post (TV Week liftout), 30 August 2005, page 5
...the cops don't always get their man, but also the show raises a number of ethical issues — questions like whether revenge is justified, whether teen murderers should be put away for life for killing a paedophile, that kind of thing.
– Producer Harriet Crampton on Interrogation, The Dominion Post (TV Week liftout), 30 August 2005, page 5