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Hero image for Living the Dream - First Episode

Living the Dream - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2004

What would you do if your entire world turned out to be fake?
– The show's opening
Standing up there, I felt that basically my career's over ... I'll probably never work in this country, or the Southern Hemisphere, again.
– Stephen Hall (Mule) on parading in a leopard skin g-string
He's a nice guy... we can't do this to him!
– Stephen Hall (Mule) worries whether Sam deserves it
The premise of this completely fake 2004 reality show stuck has with me. Sure, I was 12 at the time that it aired, but it's scientifically proven that this is the peak age of insisting that you are the star of The Truman Show after you watch it one rainy lunchtime at intermediate.
– Alex Casey of The Spinoff, writes about Living the Dream for a 2016 NZ Herald list: 'NZ's worst reality TV shows'
We go further and further and further into an outrageous reality and at every stage we take a huge deep breath and go 'Oh my god, we're about to do this. This is insane.' It's the most ulcer-inducing show I've ever been involved in.
– Mark Ferguson, describing working on the show, in The NZ Herald, EG pullout, 5 August 2004, page 4