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Love, Speed and Loss Television (Full Length) – 2005 Sport Documentary

Love, Speed and Loss

Television (Full Length) – 2005 Sport Documentary

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Thanks for making this doco available !

I've watched this many times. Truely inspirational.


Lee 1 Jun 2016 - 08.32am

Beautifully done. Gets to the soul of racing, doesn't it?

Steve Minning

Steve Minning 23 Jan 2015 - 08.55am

Thanks for this great story.

Ed McFarland

Ed McFarland 16 Dec 2014 - 11.49am

Just a wonderful story, I did know a little bit about Kim as I was a bike rider in the 70s ( not a racer) bought a tear to my eyes ,thankyou for a fantastic documentary.


Chris 13 Feb 2014 - 09.39pm

Absolutely stunning,truthful emotional film ..


Bing 19 Nov 2013 - 02.39am

Thoroughly enjoyed such a poignant story - huge respect for all those involved and it feels a real privilege to have learned about Kim, Janeen and Mark.

Steve Davies

Steve Davies 19 Nov 2013 - 02.16am

met mark today and watched this tonight. could not stop watching till the very end. so well done. this was amazing. Kim was remarkable. As was the love of his wife an son. They woud be so pleased with how well their son has turned out. He's a lovely gentleman and very special and his parents would be proud.
God bless them all.


Joan 20 Jul 2013 - 09.47pm

It was the continental circus golden times... riders doing his cilinders!!! and exaust, smelling ricin oil!!! and living on the road, good times!!! now is not the same....


javier 27 Mar 2013 - 08.44am

That's a really interesting and well made documentary, thanks.

They didn't mess about back in those days, did they?!


Marc 4 Sep 2012 - 08.10am

Thanks It's great to see you ride, and rode your Dad's bike. It's so sad to see that stubborn fools could cause so much sadness. As a 45YO racer of older roadracing bikes with a family, I truly worry about how my family would fare if I were killed, but we do discuss it so I hope they would fare OK. Racing is a drug for us selfish people. Thanks for sharing. z


ZolP 27 Apr 2012 - 09.52pm

Nice to see this. My father was a Konig dealer during this period and because of our car racing with these engines was involed in developing this engine for the motorcycle. If anyone would like my information on this subject please feel free to contact me.

john hawley

john hawley 12 Nov 2011 - 07.24am

Great story I have never heard about this. Thanks a lottttt for sharing. Kim will be in my heart forever.


tomnichols 18 May 2011 - 06.06pm

Thank you very much for sharing this doco. I've never heard of Kim Newcombe before this. He is a true inspiration.


Billy 26 Apr 2011 - 01.14pm

Thank you for sharing your story, i love motorcycles and motorcycle storys, and this is one of the most beautifull i´ve heard, many motorcyclist wan´t to be racers, i know i did...., but don´t have the will power ans heart to do it like kim and others, what a great man....


A.A 28 Nov 2010 - 02.30am

Amazing story. Tragic. It's also a tragedy that more people don't know about this.


Sam 25 Nov 2010 - 04.36pm

What a legend and so tragic! Poor Janeen and little Mark, you can't even imagine what they went through. I love 2 strokes, but had never heard of Kim, I vaguely remember the Konigs in sidecar racing, oh what an engine, he did a fine job of building a frame round that, stuffing it to the big boys!


Andy 8 Jun 2010 - 11.55pm

Great story, as a bike fan, I can not believe I have never heard it


Texoma 1 Feb 2010 - 06.29am

Made my eyes tear up. One amazing and tragic story...thanks for sharing this~


Rod 31 Jan 2010 - 06.01am

As an ex racer I found this very touching and moving, Tradgies like this were all too common in those days,

David franklyn

David franklyn 28 Jan 2010 - 04.32pm

This is a masterpiece.
Each and every award this documentary has and will win is fully deserved as they have not put one single foot wrong, and we all know how easy it is to screw up a documentary about motorcycle racing.
Thank you all to have shared it with us on the Internet.
Kim and poor Janeen will now remain in my heart forever.
May they have been reunited in Heaven.


Jarno 27 Jan 2010 - 01.18am

WOW! Truly an incredible documentary.
Thank you for making this available online, although I had heard of the Konig I was not familiar with the whole story of Kim (and Janeen).

Paul Shayter

Paul Shayter 25 Jan 2010 - 08.07pm

Thank you for telling this story. Being married to a motorcycle racer is the most exciting thing you will ever be involved with. It's also the most frustrating thing you will ever do. You can take the boy out of racing, but not the racing out of the boy. It's hard to watch your man torn by not being able to race again. It's hard to watch them die a little bit at a time. My husband contracted a very rare bone disorder that eventually took his life, but he never stopped being a racer. Thank you, this captures all the emotion, and rolls it up in fact. Beautifully done. Artfully delivered. Appreciatively received.

Laynie Kelly (Mrs Jim Budd)

Laynie Kelly (Mrs Jim Budd) 22 Jan 2010 - 04.34pm

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