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Hero image for Memories of Service 3 - Greg Rodgers

Memories of Service 3 - Greg Rodgers

Web (Full Length) – 2016

It was good to get back to New Zealand: fresh milk, and fish'n'chips.
– Greg Rodgers, on coming back from Vietnam
They relied on you at the end of the runway that you were pulling the right pins out, so they could drop their weapons … we had a bit of a special bond with the pilots. Now and again they’d take us for a ride … we loved it.
– Greg Rodgers on the bond between armourers and pilots
'If you want the third one you’ll have to dig him up ...'
– Greg Rodger recounts his sister-in-law's response to an Air Forces request for the return of his brother's flying suits.
It [official recognition] took a while and they didn't want to know about us ... that's what hurt me, and all the army boys especially.
– Greg Rodgers on confronting official denial of their service in Vietnam