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Hero image for On an Unknown Beach

On an Unknown Beach

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2016

On an Unknown Beach is an acclaimed “‘speculative documentary" which journeys into landscapes of ruin. Three strands are weaved together: sonic artist Bruce Russell (from band The Dead C) explores the ruined Christchurch CBD, scientist Di Tracey captures chilling footage of coral damage on the seabed, and poet/actor David Hornblow undergoes hypnotherapy to semi-fictionally explore past experiences with addiction. Born partly from nostalgia and homesicknesss, the film was shot and directed by Adam Luxton and Summer Agnew. Their 2004 film Minginui explored a North Island ex-forestry town.

For the Di Tracey sequences, they spent three weeks on a research ship as it sailed rough waters south-east of New Zealand . . . [The film] is about exploration — of the sea, of sound and of oneself. [Directors Adam] Luxton and [Summer] Agnew felt like explorers as well, never quite sure where they were heading and discovering meanings and connections only as Luxton edited the film back in Berlin.
– Writer Philip Matthews in The Press, 4 August 2016

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Ponzi Pictures


Ponzi Pictures