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Hero image for Peter Gordon's Pacific Harvest

Peter Gordon's Pacific Harvest

Television (Full Length) – 2001

In order to get to a heart of the city it’s good to start at the stomach.
– Gordon on visiting the Avondale Markets
This is one of those successful creations of fusion cuisine ... I reckon.
– Gordon on his kumura, rosemary and miso mash
Peeling the skin off an eel is like taking a stocking off a lady ... apparently.
– Gordon, on cooking smoked tuna (eel)
Fusion food takes, as it's starting point, the belief that any ingredient, from any part of the world, has the potential to be cooked and eaten. Who is there to say, for example, that we must never use a Malaysian ingredient in a traditional Yorkshire dish? Perhaps the dish will benefit. Perhaps it will change it, but surely if it tastes all the better, or even, if it tastes intriguingly different, then that can be a positive thing.
– Peter Gordon on fusion food, from his website
it is a pacey, tasty trip. It's a two-sense show all about taste and sight. And it is swirled through with an unapologetic patriotism ... You can't help but get the feeling, through its style and script, that this doco was made more for overseas sales than the local market. And good on 'em. There's nothing wrong with sending this gastronomic postcard to the world.
– Tim Watkin in an NZ Herald review, 5 October 2001