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Pukemanu - Pukemanu Welcomes You

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1971

For years New Zealand viewers have delighted over the regional charm of Coronation Street with its unpretentious earthiness and quiet touches of pathos ... We may squirm in our armchairs, we may cringe with identification, but now the camera has turned on us with the same gleam of subtle observation.
– Frances Parkin, NZ Herald review, 10th September 1971
How about a nice hot tea - will do us both good.
– Mrs Telford (Pat Evison) to a recently concussed Diana Thorpe (Ginette McDonald)
Have you ever been skiing?
– Stranded townie teenager (Ginette McDonald) to local axeman Tahu (Grant McFarlane) on her first hunting trip
[Pukemanu] was about outdoor people living in the middle of a forest. These people felled trees, cut timber, fought fires, drove trucks, farmed land, went hunting, fishing, played rugby. About the only thing they did regularly inside was drink beer.
– Script editor Michael Noonan

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