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Shortland Street - Dominic meets a fiery end

Television (Excerpts) – 2004

Shane Cortese

As: Dominic Thompson

Michael Galvin

As: Chris Warner

Laura Hill

As: Toni Thompson

Lorae Parry

As: Detective Linda McMahon

Liz Adams

Production Coordinator

Mark Beesley


Simon Bennett

Executive Producer

Graham Bollard


Harriet Crampton


Lynette Crawford-Williams

Script Editor - Second Clip

Karen Curtis

Script Editor - First Clip

Maxine Fleming

Story Producer

Karen Harvey

Vision Controller

Fran Hodgson

Vision Mixer

Lisa Hough


Joss King


Sarah Mayberry


Kate McDermott

Writer - Second Clip

Rowan McKay

Assistant Editor

Kirsty McKenzie


Greg Moon

Sound Recordist

Sarah Nathan

Story Editor

Margaret Newcombe

Sound Editor

Neil Newcombe

Sound Mix

Nicola Newman

Costume Designer

Lance W Pawley

Technical Producer

Jan Prettejohns

Writer - First Clip

Michele Priest

Lead Assistant Director

Tim Richards

Sound Editor

Victor Rodger


Malcolm Saunders

Senior Camera Operator

Martin Smith

On Location Cinematographer

Josh Thomas

Production Designer, Production Designer

Brook Thorpe

Camera Operator

David Turner

Production Designer

Simon Tutty

Camera Operator

Davin Voot

Art Director

Roy Ward

Script Producer

Jane Wilkinson


Marianne Willison


Nicola a'Court

Line Producer

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