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Hero image for Solid Water Liquid Rock

Solid Water Liquid Rock

Television (Full Length) – 1993

We're not designed to live and work in this place: even in the height of summer, survival clothing is essential.
– From the narration
The 300m dive may be routine for a Weddell seal but it's totally beyond our physical ability. Instead, the electronic eye of Phantom, a remotely operated vehicle, will begin the journey for us down through a window in the ice. It will make the deepest exploration yet attempted beneath the Antarctic's frozen sea ...
– From the narration
As steam meets fiercely cold air, it instantly condenses to chimneys of solid water.
– From the narration on Mt Erebus's ice towers
This is one of the most inhospitable places on earth for plants to grow. Yet here where the heart of the mountain warms the ground to 60 degrees celsius, they do grow.
– From the narration
Erebus extends a cautionary welcome ... to hell!
– From the narration, on reaching the crater
Homecoming birds seal their pair bond with a ritual gift of a Mt Erebus stone. Perhaps stones are an object of desire for Adelies?
– From the narration on the Adelie penguin's stony nests