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Tarawera Television (Full Length) – 2000 Documentary Māori

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anyone know what caused the eruption?

Deymian Faiva

Deymian Faiva 5 Mar 2015 - 08.12pm

I fully agree with Dan. A blockbuster movie could be made about the Tarawera eruption. The majesty of the Pink and White Terraces, the mystical Maori folklore, the chaos of the eruption, all set in the settlers times of 1886...

Peter Upfold

Peter Upfold 16 Jan 2015 - 04.45am

I've been visiting the place for 30 years, I never get tired of going there. Summer and winter are both good times to go. In a way I am glad the terraces are buried because imagine if they were still there - the whole area would get over-populated with people.
I am not glad about the suffering the people had to endure though.


Ekaj 16 Sep 2014 - 02.16am

I would like some information please, on the incident when Tuhoto Ariki was struck by Te wharekaniwha and the subsequent curse that followed.
David Taylor retired teacher. Was this man the Rangatira of the tu Horangi tribe?
Hopefully yours.

David Taylor

David Taylor 29 Aug 2013 - 08.52pm

Great New Zealand film, classic! I love the part where they talk about the eruption!

Stuart Little

Stuart Little 3 Apr 2013 - 03.13pm

I really enjoyed this documentary, there is enough material here to make a blockbuster disaster movie, Peter Jackson and Weta workshops could do the job.


Dan 12 Aug 2012 - 02.39pm

I've long been fascinated by geology, probably because Pennsylvania has none beyond coal and shale gas. I've owned Professor Keam's book for years and was thrilled to see him interviewed in the documentary and the actual book brought to life on film.

Julieann Wozniak

Julieann Wozniak 6 Jul 2011 - 07.14am

Beautifully shot, edited, written and narrated. Outstanding animation. Bravo!

kellie fitzgerald

kellie fitzgerald 11 Jan 2011 - 01.42pm

Hi, lovely images. Thanks. I recently visted the area and It was a great place to see. My mother tells me there was an old hollywood movie about the eruption and the destruction of the terraces. I can't find it anywhere! Can anyone out there please help me find at least the name? Many thanks. L, Australia.


Lucy 20 Dec 2010 - 09.04pm

A very interesting and useful doco. Much more information is shown than any other document I could find on the internet.


E.G 11 Sep 2010 - 06.37pm

Hello i am a year eight student at Ngatea Primary School and i am making a documentary with my friend Jacinda Challis.
We are Trying to contact someone that knows heaps about the Pink and White Terraces.
If you know anyone please contact me at

no name

no name 5 May 2010 - 12.09pm

Fantastic production - visited the area recently and walked around the buried Village where Sandy gave a excellent tour guide.
A pity about the lives lost and also the terraces.



Papabear 6 Mar 2010 - 04.56pm

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