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The Family - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2003

Patrick's a very kind, giving, caring man...but he's a shit too.
– Denise on her husband
There's a lot of people that you do get involved with, you don't know how they'll take when you've got some money up there ... [or] how they'll take you when you're on the bones of your bum. But she'd be there for up there or down there.
– Pat Rippin on his wife Denise
We don't live like that. Patrick and I are in bed at half-past eight or nine o'clock — we're a bit old.
– Denise Rippin to The NZ Herald after the episode's first screening, 18 July 2003
He spent $1,500 on the sun bed before he came up here...
– Pat Rippin on his step-son Scott
I'm like a proud mother of two!
– Maria on her breast implants
I like little women, ha ha, not so much Barbies and that...I like somebody who's not too bossy.
– Scott on his ideal partner