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Hero image for The Miss New Zealand Show 1984

The Miss New Zealand Show 1984

Television (Full Length) – 1984

Being a farmer’s daughter I enjoy the outdoor life: hunting, fishing and taxidermy, also sewing, cooking and art, and I’m a member of the Greytown Leo Club.
– Miss Wairarapa
The girl who wins the title tonight, will wear not only the crown, but the duties and responsibilities of representing this nation around the world. As she conducts herself, so those who see and meet her in some measure judge us. So it’s a very heavy responsibility for a girl so young ...
– Host Peter Sinclair puts the pressure on
If there’s one thing our next judge likes more than a good joke, it’s a good girl ... sorry make that a beautiful girl.
– Peter Sinclair introduces judge Billy T James
Well Peter I feel strange actually ... I’ve won two places on the same night. If it’s any help I was very happy with third place, but it’s much better winning!
– Eventual 1984 Miss New Zealand winner Barbara McDowell