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Hero image for The Years Back - 7, The Women's War (Episode Seven)

The Years Back - 7, The Women's War (Episode Seven)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1973

This episode of history series The Years Back focuses on the impact of World War II on Kiwi women. Through archive and interviews it looks at home front life: rationing (as recalled by Dame Pat Evison), fashion (‘Simplicity Styles’), and the arrival of American troops — around 1,400 women would later emigrate to the United States as war brides. It also shows the liberating effect of the war on many women as they took up the jobs left vacant by men serving overseas. Women joined the services too: with more than 8,000 enlisted across the army, navy and air forces.

That’s where the war really hit me, the number of disturbed children who happened to have speech defects. An awful lot of those children had fathers away at war.
– Helen Brew

Key Cast & Crew

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Derek Wright

Director, Writer

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David H Fowler

Producer, Writer

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Geoffrey Scott

Executive Producer

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Martin Barriball

Studio camera

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Brian Shennan


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Jacqueline Scott

Editor, Researcher

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