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Hero image for The Years Back - 7, The Women's War (Episode Seven)

The Years Back - 7, The Women's War (Episode Seven)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1973

That’s where the war really hit me, the number of disturbed children who happened to have speech defects. An awful lot of those children had fathers away at war.
– Helen Brew
The Americans were really awfully friendly with girls and I’m not being naïve in this way, I mean that they liked girls’ company.
– Una Platts
Skilled in all the peaceful arts, women’s hands have tamed wild things and turn their use to peaceful ways of living. Now come new demands upon the quickness of their fingers. War needs women’s skill as well as well as man’s strong arms, women’s speed in execution of small motions as well as man’s ability to plan the great campaigns and spell the words of war.
– Narration from a wartime newsreel