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  1. The first of five parts of this 40 year special episode.

  2. The second of five parts of this 40 year special episode.

  3. The third of five parts of this 40 year special episode.

  4. The fourth of five parts of this 40 year special episode.

  5. The fifth of five parts of this 40 year special episode.

  6. The credits from this episode.


This retrospective special culls highlights from 40 seasons of the longest running show on NZ television. Farming, forestry and fishing are all on the roster, but this edition is as much about observing people and the land and changes over four decades. There is footage of high country musters, helicopter deer capture, floods and blizzards, as well as radio-controlled dogs and mice farmers. Longtime Country Calendar reporters like John Gordon share their memories, and the show catches up with some of the personalities that have featured in the series.


A Perspective by Ian Pryor 02.10.2008

In many countries that produce television, you will often find one or two shows off in a corner, away from their stablemates. The shows I'm talking about are rarely about bells, whistles, and exploding spaceships; instead these programmes are ...

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Credits (4)

 Tony Benny
 Frank Torley
 Peter Young

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Comments (8)

 Daryll King

Daryll King

Gotta love Country Calander, Manu the riff is from Dueling Banjos.

 Baronia Tipu

Baronia Tipu

The New Zealand Herald (2014) asked their subscribers to name their favourite all time television shows. At the top of my list is Country Calender :) I love this program because it showcases our N.Z country people & their accomplishing highs & lows. In particular the way C.C. keeps up-to-date with these people some years later whom we have never forgotten. I feel so much pride & respect for this show it's like something we can call 'uniquely our own' as an avid viewer so to speak. As for C.C's theme song please never allow anyone to change this tune even well after we pass. Magically inspiring :)

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

Hi Alan. You would need to get in touch with TVNZ Archives and make a research request:

 Alan Bisset

Alan Bisset

Approx 25 years ago you did a programme on an ex flat mate of mine who was farming Clarence reserve station near Kaikoura. His name was Roy Cameron and he was killed in a helicopter crash on the station not long after the episode was shown. Do you have this programme in archives and if so is there a possibility of purchasing a copy

 Manu Hashidate

Manu Hashidate

The music to Country Calendar was always terrific. It gets mention in this flick as being imperative to their program's success - 'shame they don't actually say what it is!

Any one know?

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