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In April 1990, Billy Taitoko James came back from years of ill health, and made a triumphant return to performing his unique brand of music and comedy. It was a last hurrah for James, whose transplanted heart gave out on him the following year, but it's a worthy swansong. His unique brand of humour is captured here at its affable, non-PC, best, with Billy T giving everything he's got - every gag is rounded off with his trademark 'bro' laugh - for a loudly appreciative audience. Guests include Sir Howard Morrison. 


A Perspective by Costa Botes 12.12.2008

In 1978 during a visit to an Auckland rugby league club, producer Tom Parkinson watched with trepidation and increasing admiration as an inebriated, rowdy audience were conquered by cabaret performer ...

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The Producer's Perspective by Tom Parkinson 12.12.2008

On Billy T Live:

This was Billy's first show after his heart transplant. It was nip and tuck on whether we could make it happen. As usual finance was the problem and believe it or not there were many sceptics who believed ...

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Credits (6)

 Malcolm Hall
 Bill Harman
 Howard Morrison

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I have just watched the whole show on Comedy Channel and I still love it. Have all the TV shows on video and if you need a good laugh, just watch him. There is and always will only only be ONE Billy T James.



Bloody excellent. Haven't seen this since I was about 7 years old. I look forward to seeing the movie too.



Its now 2011, and nothings changed!!

 Roger Masters

Roger Masters

There must be so much more footage of Billy T in the TVNZ Archive - can't we see more. Would love to see tje 'Jewel of the Pacific' sketch.

 Derek Phillips

Derek Phillips

What a legend, RIP Bill T

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