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  1. Excerpt from the 10 Sep 1987 episode of current affairs show Close Up.


This episode of current affairs show Close Up offers a fascinating portrait of 80s job du jour: foreign exchange dealer. The intrepid reporter heads into "the pit" (trading room) and chronicles the working life of a senior 'forex' dealer, 25-year-old squash-playing accountancy graduate, John Key. The "smiling assassin" (and future Prime Minister) is a now-familiar calm and earnest presence amongst the young cowboys playing for fortunes and Porsches in the heady pre-sharemarket crash world: "they're like addicts who eat, breathe and sleep foreign exchange dealing".

Credits (6)

 John Keir
 Geoff Conway
 Jono Smith

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Simply gambling is correct. A follow up on DFC would be interesting. In the market DFC stood for duck for cover, and the government tidied that one up.
These guys were not earing money for NZ, they were earning it for the banks and themselves.



New World Order full steam ahead

 Michael Potton

Michael Potton | website

@ Thomas - You might be thinking of a segment featuring this documentary from The Unauthorised History of New Zealand, hosted by Jeremy Wells.



@John Key - What happened to the bit that showed John Key with a hose going down inside his trousers, so he could urinate without having to leave his desk? It was in this very video here a while ago, has it been edited out? Why?



Black Monday was Oct 19th in 1987. Was actually Tuesday in NZ. This episode was played in September before the crash and so if it had been a few weeks later the conversations would have been very different. NZ took years to recover from the cowboy trading which peaked in 1987. Some would say faith in the NZ market still has not recovered.

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Also directed by John Keir

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It’s the sort of job where you can come to work in a BMW but if you make a million dollar mistake during the day then, as far as the boss is concerned, you can go home on the bus. 
When the boys arrive in the morning, it’s a bit me like me throwing raw meat into the pit [trading room] ... and saying ‘eat that then go out there and kill them’. 
John has an uncanny ability to know when to hold positions and when to cut positions ... he seems to have a sixth sense about where the market is about to move to.