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  1. The first of four parts of the full length first episode from series one.

  2. The second of four parts of the full length first episode from series one.

  3. The third of four parts of the full length first episode from series one.

  4. The fourth of four parts of the full length first episode from series one.

  5. The credits from episode one.


Yuppies, shoulder-pads, sports cars and méthode champenoise abound in this cult "glitter-soap", Gloss was NZ's answer to US soap Dynasty, with the Carrington oil scions replaced by the wealthy Redferns and their Auckland magazine empire. The series epitomised 80s excess and became something of a guilty viewing pleasure. In this Rosemary McLeod-penned pilot, a 'Remuera Revisited' plot unfolds as Brad Redfern's plans to have a quiet wedding get waylaid by ex-wife Maxine. Schoolgirl Chelsea wags, listens to her Sony Walkman and gets an unorthodox haircut. 


A perspective by Paul Stanley Ward 22.09.2008

"If you've got it, flaunt it; if you haven't, get it."

This was TV reviewer Diana Wichtel's take on the ethos behind the television series Gloss.

Gloss was initiated in 1985 against the backdrop of a bull market ...

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RIP Beaver, missing that voice already :(



Hi there who was the guy every one hated in Gloss? I remember back in 1990.ish Me and him and Rob McGlocklin(sp) tied one on at a club in Christchurch. Rob was a great guy and this fella was too. Im old and live in the US now but what a bloody fun time it was.



I used to watch this and I love it !!!! All this years I never forgot Gloss !!! I got myself searching and here I am watching it Again...Kisses and hugs from Portugal



I used to love this series!



does anyone know what episode it was when the guy was hit on the head and fell off the wharf died and was found by some kids on the beach ?

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