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This notorious film looks at '70s bikie culture, focusing on Auckland's Hells Angels (the first Angels chapter outside of California). These not-so-easy riders — with sideburns and swastikas and fuelled by pies and beer — rev up the Triumphs, defend the creed, beat up students, cruise on the Interislander, provoke civic censure, and attend the Hastings Blossom Festival. After a funeral, Aotearoa's sons of anarchy head back on the highway ... Bikies was banned by the NZBC, perhaps piqued by the public urination, chauvinism and PETA-unfriendly pig's head activity.

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I know the camera man on this lol, even though I was only 1 year old when this doco was made. I wish they gave the names of the guys talking, the name of whose funeral was attended and a bit more info as my partner mucked around with a few of these guys when he was young, younger than them just slightly, and he thinks he recognises a few of them.



candy smith what was your hubby's name

 aj todd

aj todd

not an 81 myself, but good to see something worth watching.

 mike g

mike g

This is the sort of thing that should be on tv instead of repeating yank sitcoms. This is a part of NZ's history and I enjoyed it. HAMC the originals!

 Candy  Smith

Candy Smith

my husband was in the HA's he too hailed from GI and Bunny was president at the time. If Jason Berry's uncle is the Brent i remember my husband could be in some of those photos.

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It does something to you that’s for sure. You get on a bike on a nice warm sort of a day and you start going pretty quick ... you get a feeling that’s something rare I think. You're free, you’ve got the wind around you and all that sort of carry on. 
The way I look at it: some people join the army, some people join the Salvation Army, some people join bowling clubs, some people join tennis clubs ... I join the Hells Angels. 
Not being in the public interest 
They [the public] sneer at you and you have the odd blue n’that — that’s fair enough — all the blokes who have a patch or are gonna get a patch, they’re gonna back you to the limit. You feel secure in that sense. You’ve got the law [who] look down their nose at ya [...]. I think some of them would like to be what we are [...]. I think some of them are legalised bullies.