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This report for TVNZ’s flagship 1980s arts show was made to tie in with Nicholas Reid’s book about the renaissance in NZ cinema that began with Sleeping Dogs in 1977. Reid and a who’s who of filmmakers discuss many of more than 50 films made in the previous decade (with Bruno Lawrence ever present) — and ponder the uniqueness (or otherwise) of NZ film. The industry’s fondness for rural and small town settings, and forceful (often conflicted) male leads is explored; and more neglected areas — Māori film making and more of a voice for women — are traversed.

Credits (18)

 Howard Taylor
 Denis Harvey
 Bernie Wright

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very interesting. :)

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There’s a hell of a lot of chooks and policemen in our films. 
I don’t think that in 20 years time we’ll be any closer to defining what is a New Zealand film than we are now. In the end there are only good and bad film makers.