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Aucklander Emily Chu (award-winner Michelle Ang) is a young ‘banana’ (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) hoping to conceal a cross-cultural tryst from her prudish Chinese parents in this romantic dramedy. Director Roseanne Liang’s feature debut draws on her autobiographical ‘video diary’ Banana in a Nutshell, which screened at the 2005 International Film Festival. In the audience was producer John Barnett, who immediately offered to fund an adaptation. On its March 2010 release My Wedding gained several five star reviews and strong box office.

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I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it told us a lot about the different cultures in New Zealand and how they interacted, and I like how they showed both sides of the story with the New Zealand-born Asians and kiwis. Emily the New Zealand-born Asian had to chose between breaking her ways and going for the Kiwi guy she loves or staying with her family. Which will she chose?




I liked the movie. I liked how it was set in Auckland New Zealand. I also liked how it showed both cultural sides of it. The story showed a New Zealand-born Asian and Kiwi guy James. Emily had to chose between two hard things her Lover ?? Or her parents ?? Which would you chose??



I really enjoyed this movie I liked how this movie was set in New Zealand I learnt about different cultures in how they see different situations.



I think this movie is a great thing to watch because it opens up your mind to the things going on with cultural interaction in this world and it shows you how strong different religions and cultures are compared to one another

 The real Kate M

The real Kate M

My wedding and other secrets shows how two cultures interact together. Along the way there a problems that involve beliefs and values. James finds it hard to accept Emilys strong opinion about meeting her parents, emily finds out about herself and who she really wants to be. During this movie i learnt that we all have beliefs and values we just need to learn to work together x


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It’s a true story. Mostly. How do I know? Because that girl was sort of ... well, me. 
The newest Kiwi movie deserves nothing less [than five stars]. For a start, there's not a false note in it and, like Sione's [Wedding], it's a vigorous portrayal of a unique group that is significant in our society but — until now — absent from our filmmaking: the New Zealand-born children of Chinese immigrants. 
Being disowned isn’t like being sent to your room ... 


2011 Aotearoa Film and Television Awards
Best Screenplay - Feature Film: Roseanne Liang and Angeline Loo
Best Lead Actress - Feature Film: Michelle Ang
Nominated for Best Feature Film, Director and Lead Actor (Matt Whelan)