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After their house explodes and they bump into a gunman on Waiheke Island, journo Alf (Temuera Morrision) and Yank partner Melissa (Beverly Hills Cop’s Lisa Eilbacher) head to the West Coast, on the run from the cops and the crims. There’s a plot to blow up a plane of rugby players and a cola conspiracy, but mostly it’s an excuse for chases, capers and crashes galore, all imbued with plenty of pell-mell Pork Pie-style shenanigans (this time heading north in a red Ford Falcon) by director Geoff Murphy. This excerpt sees John Clarke cameo as a used car salesman.

Credits (24)

 Geoff Murphy
 Murray Newey

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DVD release please!



Just watched this for the first time in years, it's up on youtube but would buy the dvd tomorrow if it was out there

 Stephen C

Stephen C

I agree this is a Kiwi Classic, I haven't seen this movie for years and want to see it again, PLEASE RELEASE this on DVD for all the fans, its a real cracker



Is there any news at all if this movie is ever going to be released on dvd. I have a copy on VHS off the tv, but nothing to play it on :-(

 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

@Nic and George, sorry we don't have any info on a DVD release for the film, but we know some rental outlets still available to rent on VHS.

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