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  1. The first of three parts of the first episode of Popstars. Scroll through the clip selector for more.

  2. The second of three parts of the first episode of Popstars.

  3. The third of three parts of the first episode of Popstars.

  4. The credits from this episode.


The search for a NZ Spice Girls is underway in the first episode of this pioneering reality series. Manager Peter Urlich (formerly of Th' Dudes) and record company executive Mark Tierney (ex-Strawpeople) hold public auditions to find the all-girl pop group for their record deal and TV series. The good, the bad and the unfortunate are out in full force. Nearly all of the candidates are happy to proclaim their self-belief and desire for stardom, and to be subjected to the exhaustive selection process that could result in them becoming instant celebrities.


A perspective by Bianca Zander 15.10.2008

The TV series Popstars, which aired in New Zealand for a single season in 1999, is more significant for what it spawned than the show itself, which was pure pop eye candy.

Over nine 30 minute episodes, Popstars followed ...

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Credits (14)

 Bill Toepfer
 Jonathan Dowling
 Joe Cotton

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I thought New Zealand started all of that pop stars thing I'm not surprised we are a creative bunch down here and thats where Simon cowell got his inspiration for idol so he can thank New Zealand for that

 Denise C

Denise C

aawww the torture!! The clips of the episodes are great then you get to the concluding episode of the final picks and their reactions!! Please add (even tho we all know who eventually won!!)

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Only five months ago, or four months ago, they came together as five fresh-faced young girls and that first day they looked at me, with their big eyes looking up and they said: ‘OK Peter, turn us into pop stars! 


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