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  1. Peking Man


"I'm gonna build a room that echoes, around and around and around with its own sound." Peking Man's career peaked in 1985 with 'Room That Echoes', a number one hit that saw the band dominate the 1986 music awards. Directed by John Day, the surrealistic video features animated computer graphics of the afore-mentioned room, slowly building wall by wall and tracking against a background of stars. Margaret Urlich is the only band member present, appearing as a lone silhouetted figure dancing across a checkerboard floor.

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Comments (3)

 Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Great memories, still a great song after all this time.... and hey.... the producer of the video anticipated flatscreen TV's by 15 years :)

 Nicola Holden

Nicola Holden

Would love to see the video with the band in. Old friends.



Definitely prefer the other video of the same song. Pat and Margaret really give it some high energy making it far more interesting and fun!


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 John Day

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