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  1. The first of two excerpts from this documentary.

  2. The second of two excerpts from this documentary.


Ta Moko is a half hour documentary on Māori tattoo, including rare footage of internationally acclaimed Māori artist George Nuku getting a full-face moko via traditional tattooing techniques. The documentary follows the journey of Ta Moko from its use and status in traditional Māori culture, to its appropriation as gang insignia, and its revival as an expression of Māori identity and pride in the modern world. Directed by Kim Webby, Ta Moko screened on TVNZ, and was a finalist at the 2007 NZ Media Peace Awards. 

Credits (2)

 Kim Webby
 Claudette Hauiti

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Amazing story and how the one receiving the tattoo has its own connection to their own wairua. Similar to my tradition as a Samoan whilst receiving this tatau (moko or tattoo) I lay their listening to the sound of the tool tapping its wasy down my things. Malo le taoto Malo Tau! Ka pai great work amazing culture!

 Joe Nathan

Joe Nathan

Listening and watching the clicks gave me an awesum and proud feeling for being Maori. I hope one day to get my own design done. Thank you all so much. Joe Nathan - Rewa Hard

Produced by

 Front of the Box Productions


 Front of the Box Productions


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