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Gerard Smyth's acclaimed documentary about the Christchurch earthquakes is the story of people coping — for better or worse — with the huge physical and emotional toll that the quakes, and continuing aftershocks, inflicted on them, their homes and their city. It began as a home movie while the devastation of September was surveyed (with thanks given that no-one had been killed); but, as shooting of the recovery continued, the February quake compounded the destruction and claimed 182 lives (including their researcher and 16 colleagues at CTV).

Credits (13)

 Gerard Smyth
 Alice Shannon
 Jacob Bryant

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 Pani Hinewai Herangi

Pani Hinewai Herangi

I watched the 3 clips a few times, it made me feel quite frightened to the thought this could happen anywhere in the country and around the world. Thanks for those that put these clips together, I have family living in Christchurch and its been a worry since the EQ, more so since the EQ, Not knowing what to say to them in those times were hard because they'd been there for 10 years or more had there family there, getting them to move has not been the answer, Christchurch is there home, there friends, other family members, Grand-parents, grand-children, jobs, its there lively hood, its not easy to leave that all behind. The future for the grand-children started there, moving will never be and option for now.
My heart is with you all always and forever. I hope the light you all carry will lesson as time goes on. May God Bless You All.

 S C Knapp

S C Knapp

WOW, so hard to watch but had to do it !! Thank You for this !!!

Beautiful Christchurch (CHCH) will never be the same but it will rise Up again - Kiwis are strong & Proud !!

 Donna McKinnon

Donna McKinnon

Thankyou for this excellent and well balanced documentary - comprehensively touched on many aspects. I dreamed of a major natural disaster affecting Christchurch on September 1st 2010 - in it I was searching for my family and was 'told' that they had got away and were safe. I could not believe what happened 3 days later - but even though very worried I had an underlying feeling that they were okay and that the dream had lessened the actual shock. I think the 2 events were rolled into the one dream(economy) cos I saw that Sumner was blocked and 2 lorries careered across the hills -unable to follow a proper road. When I saw the image on TV here (Australia) of the big lorry at a standstill across the back road into Lyttleton from Sumner and the large rocks strewn across the road it felt like deja vue... I am wondering if anyone else had any premonitions? I heard of one girl who said she was outside for a walk feb 21 and she heard someone say "earthquake". She turned around, saw someone a short distance away and asked them if they had spoken -they said "no". The next morning she was buried up to the neck under a'bedspread' of bricks that had fallen on her as she lay sleeping in -the internal chimney that was on the other side of wall against which her bed was had collapsed in the 6.3 quake. Still don't know how she survived.

 Liz Masters

Liz Masters

ust watched the DVD. I have just relived those quakes and was shocked to find my emotions are still so raw and the tears came very easily. I don't think I will ever forget the awfulness of it. Special thoughts to Sue ( CTV building victim) God bless all the S and R people and the volunteers.
Brilliant documentary. I hope there will be an award for this.



Was an amazing look at the reality of which we all experienced in some form or another, thank you for all who made this happen. I was worried how I would feel watching it, tho there was emotion it also had moments of lightheartedness, a rollercoster of different emotions, just like the last 18 months of most cantabs.
Keep Strong Christchurch

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I think they're gonna be adrenalin junkies. 
At times the film captures very raw emotions and I have no doubt many people will find it moving. But we also aimed to show how the human spirit has triumphed over terrible adversity, and I'm sure people will walk away, having seen the film, with a sense of hope for the future of our city. 
... this is the story of the people of Christchurch, living through their hardest year. And it's the film they deserve. At once a celebration of endurance and a lament of loss, it will still be being watched, 50 years from now. 


2012 New Zealand Television Awards
Best Director - Documentary: Gerard Smyth
Best Editing - Documentary/Factual: Ken Sparks and Richard Lord

Nominated for Best Feature or Drama Documentary