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Hero image for A Thousand Apologies - First Episode

A Thousand Apologies - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2008

Earlier this year, working with Great Southern TV, they shot for six weeks, filming 143 sketches with 288 characters in 60 locations.
– Writer Trevor Agnew, in an article on A Thousand Apologies, The Press, April 2012
Tell her! Tell her you are the best petroleum technician this side of the Bombay Hills!
– An enthusiastic Hindu Dad (Rajeev Varma) talks up his son's prospects
Don't eat me, I'm man's best friend...
– An animal activist (Morgana O'Reilly) makes her point
Listen love, I've been teaching New Zealanders to drive for fifteen years and there are certain ways of behaving on the road that aren't in the road code, OK?
– A patronising driving instructor (Jamie Bowen) in full flight
In A Thousand Apologies we are always laughing with, not laughing at. Our comedy is trying to expose a few things, ignite a few debates and make people laugh.
– Writer/producer Shuchi Kothari talks about the show, The Press, 17 April 2012