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Bastion Point - The Untold Story

Television (Full Length) – 1999

Taniera Hawke Hohepa
Taniera Hawke Hohepa
25 Mar 2015 - 12.58am
Tania Roxborough if you're researching Bastion Point for a publication then your primary source of information should actually be Bastion Point. Contact Ngati Whatua at Orakei Marae.

If you have questions about our Aunty Joanne and her tragic passing it seems the respectful thing for you to do is to speak with her parents.
19 Feb 2015 - 09.34pm
how can I get the transcript of this video?
21 Jan 2015 - 05.02pm
I am writing a children's novel for Scholastic set during the occupation of Bastion Point. There are conflicting accounts of the death of Joanne Hawke - some say 5 years old; others say 9. My main character is 12/13 during the time of the story and I would be very interested in speaking with any children who were part of the occupation. I have loads of newspaper clippings and most of the Tent Town bulletins and have seen the documentaries. The publishers are also keen for new photographs (as opposed to the ones which are quite familiar). Please email me (Tania) at [email protected] Cherry-Blossom, I was very interested in your comment and would love to have you 'star' in the story if you keen (to be good friend of my character Erica)
Cherry-Blossom Rameka
Cherry-Blossom Rameka
5 Jan 2015 - 11.45am
I lived on the point with my mum and dad, I was 12yrs and it was one of the best times of my life. I went to school every day, and with my cousins we all walked home to the point. I enjoyed helping my aunties in the kitchen because I was allowed to help and taste to see if it was good, and it was. My name is Cherry Rameka and my dad was uncle Mike Rameka. That part of my life was so uplifting and I will never ever forget the memories I have and there are many more.
25 Aug 2014 - 12.28pm
I'm doing a report on the protest based on perspectives of the event. I'm of Ngati Whatua Orakei descent so I know our side and story. What I'm struggling with here is where to get Robert Muldoon's perspective. All I'm getting is he was opposed to returning the land to us and that the land was intended for high income housing. Is that it?
john mcmorren
john mcmorren
19 Jun 2014 - 09.04pm
does anyone know the name of that hymn that is sung just before some of the people are dragged away?
ora pihema
ora pihema
17 Apr 2014 - 12.38pm
My father is Ngati Whatua (ex SAS/NZ Army) and we were farming in Hangatiki (King Country) when his brother, my uncle Rewi rang him and told him what was happening at Bastion Point and how he was needed. My mother, sister Gordona and I were left to milk the cows while he was protesting alongside his Nga Puhi/ Ngati Whatua whanau. I rememeber watching him on tv being arrested and walking down the stairs on the way to the cells along with all the other arrested protesters. I rememebr they were all singing. I didn`t really know what it was all about and he didn`t say much about it when he got back, but then we were farming. I also protested with my father in Auckland regarding the new supercity council seats, in relation to Ngati Whatua not having Maori seats on the council. Arohamai
27 Mar 2014 - 06.47pm
What do you guys think about the bastion point.well how it affected you?
Answer back please it's for a school project thanks.
Shaju Pathrose
Shaju Pathrose
4 Mar 2014 - 12.35am
very sad to see the aggressive colonisation , very informative piece of history. I was ver sad to see this ..
23 Oct 2012 - 05.11pm
oh this was very very informative im acctualy 13 and today i was up in that area orakei and got a bit of information of the past for auckland city and the maori people so i wanted to learn more and here was a very informative documentry...
Asfahaan Mirza
Asfahaan Mirza
11 Oct 2012 - 10.10pm
Very informative! Well done!
18 Sep 2012 - 10.45am
Great clip. I was only a kid when this transpired and didn't really understand what was going on and why. Thanks for sharing! Will definitely search out and watch the rest!
11 Sep 2012 - 09.27pm
Great documentary!
I was moved to tears during the scene where the police are arresting the young Maori as the elders sang hymns. I'm watching this for a university assignment on NZ protest movements and this was a really good resource.
23 Jul 2012 - 02.52pm
Kelly - Joe Hawke played a leadership role in the Occupation. If you watched, you would know :-)
16 Jul 2012 - 01.57pm
Who were the key people that were involved in Bastion Point?
15 Jun 2012 - 11.30am
wow, uhm ? where do you get new documentaries on Bastion point so i can use it for NCEA Level 2 ?
22 Mar 2012 - 11.12am
Hi Eru, the NZ Film Archive hold a viewing copy of 'Bastion Point - Day 507'. Here is a link to the info and where to go: http://www.filmarchive.org.nz/the-catalogue/media/bastion-point-day-507-f9380

Kim - NZ On Screen
20 Mar 2012 - 11.52pm
Anyone know where I can find Merata Mitas Bastion Point Day 507 doco????
8 Mar 2012 - 08.16pm
are there any books on bastion point? need more sources of info asap!!
21 Sep 2011 - 02.45pm
I agree that it was wrong for the Government to take our lands with out the tangata whenua knowing. That is just rude and out right wrong. And believe it or not it is still happening today. And not been seen in the public eye.
29 Aug 2011 - 01.46pm
i think that what happened to Ngati Whatua was just rude, the pakeha can't come in and take our land away from us, the tangata whenua!
10 Aug 2011 - 02.56pm
As Joe says "the whole business made me sick then and makes me sick today.kia kaha Ngati Whatua "
The number of arguments I got into with my relations about this, when it was happening! All involved should be proud in standing up for what is right!
It is the only way.
1 Jul 2011 - 11.36am
He kiriata tino pai tēnei. Ka nui te mihi ki a koutou. Na Henare
1 Jul 2011 - 09.36am
the whole business made me sick then and makes me sick today.kia kaha Ngati Whatua
3 Jun 2011 - 02.56pm
Tena kotou katoa nga tangata o Aotearoa New Zealand. Tena kotou e te kaupapa o te ra. Tena kotou tena kotou tena kotou katoa. Very emotional video got abit hoha when it kept stopping i was getting in to it. i never knew anything about bastion point all i knew is that maori protested for the return of their land. makes me sad to hear the the trials and tribulations of our ancestors!!!
18 May 2011 - 05.11pm
Wow this has been a real eye opener for me. I am too young to remember this in my life time. But I feel angry that this sort of knowledge has been omitted (whether on purpose or not) from my education and that my parents and other adults in my life never shared it with me. These are the things young New Zealanders growing up need compulsorily learn about. How are we to move forward together if we don't understand where we have come from. Thank you for making this accessible to us.
17 Apr 2011 - 08.07pm
Pertinent documentary - however, the terrible pronounciation of Maori words by the narrator chosen for his dulcet tones rather than his authenticity in te reo Maori was a decision that bore the effect of fingernails on a chalkboard. Disappointing.
11 Apr 2011 - 11.24am
hi, i have been set to an school assesment to make a presentation on personal perspectives from the maori about the take over of bastion point by the crown, as this video does help me if anyone could also share information as someone who has a perpective on this, let me no, and also if directors/producers could please let me no how i can get pictures from this documentary for my presentation , some photos show true expession that i no will be able to support my presintation, thankyou
michaela kapo
turakina maori girls college
8 Apr 2011 - 09.46am
I lived with the the tangata whenua of Orakei in 1995, with the lady singing, Mero and her son TA. Proud people. They are owed a lot, like all Maori. Tino Rangatiratanga will be a reality in Aotearoa. Its your legal document (Tiriti), honour your word! Mauri Ora !!
7 Apr 2011 - 03.26pm
I remember those days well ...boy oh boy we were trashed on at school and in public just for being Ngati Whatua ....even though I was Te Uri O Hau I still shared the same cause as my Te Tauu Cousins
Rawinia Millar
Rawinia Millar
20 Jan 2011 - 11.41pm
I never get tired of watching the history of my whanau. What they had to do and what they stood for. It hurts still the pain of what my iwi have been through and lost. But at least, at least we fought and believed enough not to give in when it seemed impossible. And I thank my uncle Joe and all my whanau that helped him, for being my voice. I can hold my head high because of their battle. I am sure not many know this story, they burnt down my nana's house built a sewage pipe in their beach, kicked them up the hill and then made them pay for them. They still pay rent for them today. How disgusting. How much do they owe Ngati Whatua now. They should be paying us a rent for the whole city that they have been using to make their millions off. Come on that's the ultimate rip off. And they still hold off in settling the claim. Why not try investing in us maori people. Instead of holding us down all the time. We are a strong people with strong faith we have our faults but so does everybody. Is anybody perfect? Let us live our lives too and so we too can live successfully for our people.
19 Jan 2011 - 12.48pm
I was told there was a picture of the Maori Police at the protest back then, is there anywhere I can find that picture?
Avian McManus
Avian McManus
11 Oct 2010 - 04.00pm
Tena Koe Ko Avian McManus taku ingao. I have tutored many of our New Zealand Culture, History and Politics classes for Foundation Studies Students at Unitec NZ Mt Albert campus for some years now. My role is to educate as many students about the history in their backyard. As we know many of these students have had no or very little knowledge of Maori history. I'm passionate about empowering students into understanding nz history through Maori eyes, even if they don't fully understand at least it will plant the seed into why there was so much unrest in the past. We complete this topic by bringing our tauira to see what was left to the iwi before their protest (uru pa) and also to plant their feet into the whenua starting from Joanne Hawke's memorial down to Micheal J Savage's memorial. This is a day of rememberance in the struggle of the Maori people and the continued fight for justice. Tena Koutou katoa
Taro Haimona
Taro Haimona
12 Sep 2010 - 08.44am
My stepdad (ex-army) got a call from his relations to go up for that fateful day. He left his cows and farm in Hangatiki without hesitation. He told me he was on the roof when the police started to act. I saw him in your video. My stepdad said it was one of the proudest moments in his life - doing that, being arrested, chocking up the system. He's well into his seventies now and the Rangatiratanga flag from his home.
10 Sep 2010 - 09.17am
this is very cool video
16 Aug 2010 - 01.53am
this is the history that should be taught in schools
5 May 2010 - 06.02pm
This is an amazing documentary, thank you for hosting it. I just watched it for the first time in class today.
jason brown
jason brown
28 Mar 2010 - 01.06am
A rededication takes place tomorrow morning, Sunday 28th March 2010, at Bastion Point, in memory of Joanne Hawke, died 25th May 1978, under police eviction.
Steve Babbington
Steve Babbington
9 Aug 2009 - 02.22am
Blessings to Ngati Whatua.
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