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Hero image for Peter Snell, Athlete

Peter Snell, Athlete

Television (Full Length) – 1964

Doug Carroll
Doug Carroll
15 Dec 2014 - 03.16pm
After 53 yrs I happened to be browsing Peter Snell and found the Coliseum race. I was the rabbit who was called up that morning by Chuck Coker to pace the race for two laps. The principle of my school in Delano Ca. let me go and it was a rush to Bakersfield, plane to LA, transportation, to the hotel ,and then the wait for the bus to the LA Coliseum. The week before I had run a good 1320 race which was the reason I was called to pace Peter. I had never seen any film so was quite elated when I saw the video. As was mentioned earlier and after meeting him in the hospitality room in the hotel ,I found him to be a courteous quiet gentleman who was fitting to be a representative of his country as well as an Olympic Champion. Years later, I ran into him at a race in Sacramento where a relay of three would individually run, bike or kayak. He and I were kayaking and when I mentioned that I had paced him he smiled and mentioned that he remembered the race. At the time he was a student at UCD working on his PHD. A gentleman all around and I am glad to have had the experience of meeting him.
20 Jun 2014 - 03.32pm
Awesome story of Peter Snell! I'm also glad to see that Arthur Lydiard mentioned.
faye morrison
faye morrison
2 Sep 2013 - 05.41pm
wow so proud to be a kiwi. we prove over and again what great athletes we are for a little country.
ross eathorne
10 Oct 2012 - 12.26am
Barefoot running is in vogue again. I took a Pose running course the other week and the main message is further you fall forward the faster you run. The second message is run with a forefoot strike and with minimal shoes. Watch at 6:38 at what type of shoes Peter puts on and the beautiful running silhouette across a hilltop.
chris simpson
chris simpson
30 Jan 2012 - 10.59pm
SSOOOOO OASUM!!! that im related to this guy no..legend! he is my dads uncles cousin!! iv also met bill bailey!
Jim Healey
Jim Healey
16 Jun 2011 - 06.11pm
I had the good fortune of meeting Peter Snell and his wonderful wife when they graciously came to Eugene from Dallas to appear at the Legends Mile which I had arranged as part of the Oregon coaching staff in 1987. My passion for track ignited in 1962 when I would watch Dyrol Burleson and dream of him out kicking Snell--never happened. While sore legs prevented Peter from participating in the Legends Mile with Ryun, Lindgren, Shule and others, he happily ran with the contestants the following day in a celebrity 5K. As luck would have it, a friend of mine shot a perfect picture of my 11-year-old son, Ryan, flying past Snell as they approached the finish. It took 25 years, but Peter Snell got out kicked--and it was by my son. WOW!! The blown-up picture of that moment, inscribed by Peter, continues to hang on the wall just above my desk. That little race is a super memory for my son and me, but I remain more impressed with the kindness of Peter Snell and his gentle and generous nature.
Jim Baird
Jim Baird
12 May 2011 - 08.29am
A champion and a great man motivated by a great coach in a period that had few peers great story and should be used as a motivational tool for all budding male runners and coachs. the detail given on Peters career and the way he approached his races has the true meaning of excellence for a great learning curve too the future of track running in New Zealand. cheers Jim Baird
Marg Buchanan
Marg Buchanan
11 Jan 2011 - 08.39pm
What a marvellous record of this iconic NZ athlete, Peter Snell. I watched him make a new record at Lancaster Park in Christchurch in the 60's!
David Douglas
David Douglas
7 Dec 2010 - 04.01pm
I live in Dallas Texas and I know Peter Snell. I was part of of Diabetic study he supervised. He is a courteous professional with a quick wit and gentle demeanor. He autographed a book and some photos for me.

Dave Douglas
Ken Wills
Ken Wills
19 Aug 2010 - 11.32am
UofO 63 ... heard a story a long time ago ... it was said that Snell once said of Oregon's Burleson that he and only he could beat Snell in the mile if he would only go out and run four laps of equal speed that only he, Burleson could and Snell said he nor anyone else in the world could keep up. He also said, something to the effect, that alas, Burleson always thought he could out kick Snell and of course, he never could. Any truth to this?? Burleson is reputed to have run the fastest four events ever in one afternoon ... dual meet against Stanford ... something like 4:00:16 mile, 8:40:00 two mile, 47 second quarter mile, and a sub-47 second quarter in the mile relay.. I think Burleson had the credentials but not the mind set. Of course, Bowerman is dead, I'm almost seventy and Nike is the largest CLOTHING COMPANY ON EARTH. Hell, if Burleson could have beaten Snell, maybe Bowerman would not have seen fit to continue developing better shoes and we would still be running on rock hard Aididas and Puma shoes.
Paul Ward
11 Aug 2010 - 04.59pm
@david - check out Lydiard providing fascinating commentary on a Commonwealth Games race from the stands in Games 74 (in the fifth clip, around 2.40 in) ... http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/games-74-1974. Lydiard also features in Pictorial Parade 123 ' Snell tells how he did it' (where Snell sets two world records in Christchurch: http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/pictorial-parade-no123-1962, Lydiard talks for around three min from 4.14)
shalom tofilau
shalom tofilau
30 Jul 2010 - 09.41am
i wish i was like peter snell so i can win the cross-country and beat my mates and come first
david from chicago
david from chicago
11 Jun 2010 - 02.23pm
I wish there were more videos of lydiard and snell
Jessy-Ann Ives.
Jessy-Ann Ives.
2 Jun 2010 - 04.18pm
I think Peter is my hero but I am not a very good runner. I hope i CAN be as good as peter.
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