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Hero image for Queen City Rocker

Queen City Rocker

Film (Excerpts) – 1986

Profile image for Noel Appleby

Noel Appleby

As: Chubby Man

Profile image for Roy Billing

Roy Billing

As: Stacy's Father

Profile image for Carl Bland

Carl Bland

As: Ryder's Hood

Profile image for Peter Bland

Peter Bland

As: Jay Ryder

Generic Profile image for Ricky Bribiesca

Ricky Bribiesca

As: Sniper

Profile image for George Henare

George Henare

As: Buyer

Profile image for Liddy Holloway

Liddy Holloway

As: Stacy's mother

Generic Profile image for Matthew Hunter

Matthew Hunter

As: Ska

Generic Profile image for Rob Jayne

Rob Jayne

As: Ryder's Driver

Profile image for Michael Keir-Morrissey

Michael Keir-Morrissey

As: Manager

Generic Profile image for Mark Pilisi

Mark Pilisi

As: Andrew

Profile image for Greer Robson-Kirk

Greer Robson-Kirk

As: Sam (Ska's sister)

Generic Profile image for Rebecca Saunders

Rebecca Saunders

As: Fran

Generic Profile image for Pevise Vaifale

Pevise Vaifale

As: Flak

Generic Profile image for Kim Willoughby

Kim Willoughby

As: Stacy

Generic Profile image for Bob Baer

Bob Baer


Generic Profile image for Mike Becroft

Mike Becroft

Production Designer

Profile image for Peter Bell (stunts)

Peter Bell (stunts)


Profile image for Gethin Creagh

Gethin Creagh


Profile image for Finola Dwyer

Finola Dwyer

Associate Producer

Generic Profile image for Henry Fownes

Henry Fownes

Executive Producer

Profile image for Michael Hacking

Michael Hacking


Generic Profile image for Kevin Hayward

Kevin Hayward

Director of Photography

Generic Profile image for George Lyle

George Lyle


Generic Profile image for Richard Lymposs

Richard Lymposs

Based on an idea by

Generic Profile image for John Mahaffie

John Mahaffie

Camera Operator

Generic Profile image for Dave McArtney

Dave McArtney

Music producer

Profile image for Bruce Morrison

Bruce Morrison


Profile image for Larry Parr

Larry Parr


Generic Profile image for Chris Short

Chris Short

First Assistant Director

Profile image for Lesley Vanderwalt

Lesley Vanderwalt

Makeup Supervisor

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Thumbnail image for Kaleidoscope - 1986 Cannes Film Festival

Kaleidoscope - 1986 Cannes Film Festival

This film being marketed at Cannes

Thumbnail image for Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere

More of actor Matthew Hunter

Thumbnail image for Shaker Run

Shaker Run

Also directed by Bruce Morrison

Thumbnail image for When the Cat's Away

When the Cat's Away

Kim Willoughby's pop group

Thumbnail image for Queen Street

Queen Street

More Auckland 80s nightlife

Thumbnail image for Kaleidoscope - NZ Cinema, the Past Decade

Kaleidoscope - NZ Cinema, the Past Decade

This film is discussed in this 80s cinema survey

Thumbnail image for Beyond the Bombay Hills

Beyond the Bombay Hills

A look at Auckland from the same era

Thumbnail image for Came a Hot Friday

Came a Hot Friday

Also produced by Larry Parr

Thumbnail image for Dustie


70s rubbish collectors

Thumbnail image for Gloss


The flipside of 1980s Auckland

Thumbnail image for Constance


Another feature directed by Bruce Morrison

Thumbnail image for Heartland


Bruce Morrison also worked on this series

Thumbnail image for Raglan by the Sea

Raglan by the Sea

Directed by Bruce Morrison, music by Dave McArtney

Thumbnail image for McCormick Country - Series Two, Episode One

McCormick Country - Series Two, Episode One

A TV talk show directed by Bruce Morrison

Thumbnail image for Landscape - Muttonbirders

Landscape - Muttonbirders

An early directing gig for Bruce Morrison

Thumbnail image for The Most Fun You Can Have Dying

The Most Fun You Can Have Dying

More young rebels

Thumbnail image for I'm in Heaven

I'm in Heaven

Bruce Morrison directed this video for Dave McArtney

Thumbnail image for Heartland - Queen Street

Heartland - Queen Street

Gary McCormick takes a long walk down Queen St in the 1990s

Thumbnail image for Ride with the Devil - 6, Episode Six

Ride with the Devil - 6, Episode Six

Boy racer drama series

Thumbnail image for Time Makes a Wine

Time Makes a Wine

This song featured in the film

Thumbnail image for The Sea Child

The Sea Child

Bruce Morrison also directed this short film

Thumbnail image for Bread Winner

Bread Winner

Another tale of revenge in downtown Auckland

Thumbnail image for Give Me Your Number

Give Me Your Number

Breakthrough single for funk outfit Ardijah