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Hero image for Shadow in the Cloud

Shadow in the Cloud

Film (Trailer) – 2021

You're not a pilot; you're a delivery girl.
– Maude Garrett (Chloë Grace Moretz) gets another insult over the intercom
Strap in.
– Maude Garrett (Chloë Grace Moretz)
...I don’t think anyone can predict what it is. It’s not a superhero movie, even though it’s got a superhero-type character in it, it’s not a period drama because it’s set in a world war. It’s something else altogether.
– Director Roseanne Liang describes Shadow in the Clouds, The Spinoff, 18 July 2020
[Roseanne] Liang has turned this white-knuckle survival story into a compelling parable for all the crap women put up with from disrespectful dudes .... the movie hardly relies on the gremlin to keep us interested. In fact, the project might have worked just fine without it, although the creature feels like the cherry on top this nutso sundae, turning a femme-powerment story into something berserk and unforgettable.
– Veteran reviewer Peter Debruge in Variety, 17 September 2020
I have eclectic tastes ... but the movies I keep coming back to for myself are action, sci-fi, horror. I love a technical challenge, I love the energy, rhythm and meticulous craft of action films. I genuinely think action films can have all the things that great cinema has — spectacle yes, but also heart, smarts, meaning and art.
– Director Roseanne Liang on the Pan-Asian Screen Collective website, 19 January 2021
[Chloë Grace] Moretz's performance takes Garrett through the whole physical and emotional spectrum of a woman whose endless adrenaline comes from being too bold for this shit, showing a dedication and courage that's unquestionably more capable than her male peers ... because Liang is such a crafty director with small and large set pieces, while working with an incredibly game Moretz, the film’s most memorable sequences achieve the gratuitous fun they clearly desire.
– Reviewer Nick Allen on the Roger Ebert website, 31 December 2021