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Hero image for Songs from The Inside - Series Three, Episode One

Songs from The Inside - Series Three, Episode One

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2015

They had to fight their own demons to be part of this. They had to overcome years of distrust and self-loathing. They had to be willing to face public judgement again. But some of the best songs you will ever hear in your life may be hidden behind bars.
– Anika Moa
They will get that I’m real, that I’m not just someone they’ve seen on TV, that I can actually relate on many levels.
– Scribe
It changed the way I perceived the prison system and that’s neither good nor bad. It’s changed the way I perceive people in general. Because anyone that’s been in prison, they are generally there because their whole life has been tormented with drugs and alcohol and abuse. It’s all been carried on to them. You’ve got to learn to not judge people that are in prison. Look in your own backyard before you start judging other people.
– Anika Moa on how the series changed her view of prisons, in an interview with The Spinoff, 24 April 2015
It was always going to be tricky. There was a lot of red tape. We had to be mindful of victims. We can’t have people on television who have committed heinous crimes and their victims are suffering, while they’re getting some exposure.
– Director Julian Arahanga on the first series, Your Weekend, 17 March 2012