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Street Legal - First Episode Television (Full Length Episode) – 2000 Crime Drama

Street Legal - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2000 Crime Drama

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missing classic nz tv

25 Jun 2017 - 05.24pm

@david lambert, you could try contacting the production company about DVD copies and releases. The production company's website for contact details is

Kim - NZ On Screen

9 Apr 2013 - 11.29am

its a shame this hasnt been released on dvd, cant get it over here in the uk

david lambert

david lambert 4 Apr 2013 - 01.59am

For Canadians this is a really unusual show -- CANADA HAD ITS OWN 'STREET LEGAL' just a few years before NZ.

It was about Toronto lawyers and barristers and solicitors. The two shows are probably equivalent to each other but not in the way anyone would understand or expect. This show was prime time hit TV in Canada for several years running, unlike its NZ counterpart.

Vaguely (from what I can tell) Canada "Street Legal' and NZ's version don't have much in common in the surface or in their plot lines. There was no cross influence here.

Odder still : Canada has not seen NZ's version nor visa versa.

Odder still for me : I am a Canadian national that has only seen the NZ version on your soon to be retired Analogue TV. Yes, that's right -- I have not seen any more than 5 minutes worth of the Canadian version.

Max Power

Max Power 14 Nov 2010 - 12.59am

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