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Ally Xue

Actor, Writer, Producer

An optometrist by training, Ally Xue is also known for her work on-screen. In 2010 she appeared in disaster tale Eruption, before joining forces with fellow actors Perlina Lau and JJ Fong — plus director Roseanne Liang — for the first of many projects. The trio played flatmates (with Xue as the more reserved one) across three seasons of comical web series Flat3, and two seasons of Friday Night Bites. The Flat3 quartet are also behind NZ TV Award nominated dystopian comedy Creamerie. Xue co-created teen web series Meme, and co-wrote TV movie Princess of Chaos. Her acting CV includes Harry and TV movie Runaway Millionaires

It is often silly, but there’s some substantial stuff in there I reckon. Ally Xue describes web series Friday Night Bites, The Spinoff, 4 November 2016