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Until Proven Innocent

Television (Trailer) – 2009


A scene from telemovie Until Proven Innocent: David Dougherty (Cohen Holloway) meets journalist Donna Chisholm (Jodie Rimmer) for the first time.

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David Dougherty (Cohen Hollway) — free at last. A shot from  2009 TV movie Until Proven Innocent.

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A scene from based on a true story TV movie Until Proven Innocent: David Dougherty (Cohen Holloway) and his partner Jo-Ann Atutolu (Ngapaki Emery) about to leave home for the final trial.

Kindly supplied by Lippy Pictures

Telemovie Until Proven Innocent: Donna Chisholm (Jodie Rimmer) office explains the Dougherty story to her editor at the Sunday Star-Times. 

Kindly supplied by Lippy Pictures

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